A typical workout at our gym. A single workout will last about an hour. The workout intensity is individually-based, meaning regardless of skill level or athletic ability, you will have a great workout!
  • Speed Bag
    The speed bag workout is used to increase hand speed while developing strong hand\eye coordination. The speed bag will also increase shoulder strength and endurance.
    Heavy Bag
    The heavy bag is an extremely important part of the workout. It provides an excellent aerobic workout while also increasing punch strength and endurance. The heavy bags vary in weight as to vary the intensity of the workout. This step is where all the basics will be learned.
    In-Ring Mitt Training
    This part of the training will be the most intense. You will work with one of our expierienced trainers in the ring for three rounds as you learn punch combinations and learn to move around the ring.
    Heavy Bag
    After the workout in the ring you will go back to the heavy bag to practice combinations, increase endurance and punch strength.
    Jump Rope
    No time to relax! The jump rope is next. Studies show that jumping rope is the most effective cardiovascular workout. It burns more calories than jogging. It also improves foot speed and balance. After jumping rope you'll feel lighter on your feet.
    Stationary Bike
    To finish off the workout you'll spend some time on the stationary bike. This gives you a chance to increase leg strength and cardiovascular endurance while providing a nice cool-down to your workout.